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M Drol was formulated based on breakthrough research which won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998.

The research made a startling discovery about the L-Arginine amino acid which led to Columbia University referring to L-Arginine as the “magic bullet” for the cardiovascular system. L-Arginine helps your body naturally release human growth hormone, which is responsible for telling your body to grow massive amounts of muscle.

It also relaxes arteries allowing a much greater supply of nutrients to pass from your blood to your muscles during a workout.

This naturally builds muscle quicker.

It also results in a faster recovery, enabling maximum muscle growth efficiency.

The unique muscle building formula of Mdrol contains the optimum balance to maximize muscle building efficiency, boost energy, and increase your metabolism to burn excess fat.

Who Uses M Drol?

336x280-MM-524M Drol is used by many pro athletes, bodybuilders and those looking to add size and strength to their weight training program.

Users of MDrol have reported gains of up to 10 to 20 pounds of muscle gain in a given cycle.

The overall effects of using this prohormone are increased muscle size and strength.


M Drol was created to mimic Superdrol after it was pulled from the market. Prohormones or prosteroids work just like the real thing in the body, but they are chemically placed together differently so they are not banned by the government.

Bodybuilding and competitive sports organizations tend to work faster than the government when it comes to finding out about new derivatives of old steroids, thus testing tends to find the prohormones and prosteroids before they are added to the banned substance list.

Simply put, the government cannot keep up with the chemists who have to change just a small part of the chemical to create a new product.

What can you expect from taking M Drol?


If you are thinking of taking MDrol, you can expect:

Massive muscle gains..

as well as large increases in strength.

Your body will look and feel bigger than it ever has, as long as you’re taking M Drol,

M Drol affects liver function, and after a short time, you’ll need to cycle off and take these supplements to support liver function.

Some users also take these liver support supplements while on M Drol to help prevent damage.


How Does M Drol Work?

MDrol works by providing a raised level of anabolic bodily hormones to your system, providing more energy to the body all while decreasing adipose tissue (fat tissue) along with absorbing maximum levels of nutrients from the food we consume.

As you probably already know, it is essential that whichever product you are using for increasing body strength should be checked for side effects prior to use and suggested safe dosages should be followed. Through use of pro hormones the body slowly decreases its natural production of testosterones. Once you are off the cycle people normally experience weakness, lethargy, depression, aggression, etc. Also decrease in libido levels or sexual urge is experienced due to usage of certain pro hormonal drugs. Consult with a physician before taking any supplement or prohormone.


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